Kelvin Davis

shawn cantu

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate. I graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce with a Master of Science in clinical mental health counseling and will be under the supervision of Tori Eudy. I had always been interested in the mental health profession when a therapist came to my senior class to give a speech. I was intrigued by what the therapist had to say. On that day, my interest in psychology began. Leaving high school, I entered the University of North Texas with aspirations of becoming a psychologist. When I was eligible to take on a minor, the school offered counseling for the first time. When I took a few classes for my minor, my focus changed from wanting to be a psychologist to a licensed professional counselor.

I graduated from UNT with a bachelor's in psychology and a minor in counseling. I was accepted into UNT's CACREP Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate program. I enjoyed being a part of the graduate program. However, it was challenging for me to understand what was expected of me as a student in the program. This discrepancy resulted in my dismissal from the program. I felt lost when I was removed from the program. However, with the help of my family and my then-mentor, Mia Oller, I was able to reconnect with my passion for counseling. Getting this passion reignited led me to reapply and get accepted into Texas A&M University-Commerce's graduate program. While at UNT, I was also a part of a counseling organization called Counseling for Social Justice (CSJ). The CSJ is an advocacy organization that teaches its participants how to properly advocate for marginalized communities and help bring awareness to their daily struggles. I want to use the knowledge I gain from this organization to help advocate for people of color, women, people who struggle with disabilities, and people with low socioeconomic status, to name a few.

I am interested in working with couples, families, and individuals in this profession. I want to work with the African American Communities and be on the front lines to help destigmatize and close the gap between the African-American community and the mental health profession. I also will work with other communities as well. I want to approach all communities using a combination of person-centered counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I am happy that I found my passion in counseling and will do everything to continue to grow and prosper in the field.

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